Calambio - Personal technology with total economy

Calambio Engineering AB is a consultant company working with energy and process technology.
We analyse, engineer and design.
We are committed to our projects with personal responsibility and flexibility.

Calambio works with an overall view with technology always closely linked to economy and environment.
We plan for economy all the way from specifications to operation and maintenance.

Business idea

Calambio will offer top class service from the first idea to a commercially working plant.
In order to secure quality, we engage in construction and commissioning.
Our way of working will thus give the customer the best total economy.

About Calambio

Technology and economy - equals Calambio

Calambio works with an overall view with technology always closely linked to economy and environment.

We act as your combined economic and technical project managers.

We plan for economy all the way from specifications to operation and maintenance. During erection and commissioning we stand by your side to check out that all intentions are realised.

A project that is correctly engineered and evaluated guarantees quality and economy.

Calambio stands for technology with personality

Calambio approaches your project with personal responsibility, flexibility and commitment. We are there all the way from pre-engineering to the fully operating plant.

Do you need a complete plant, part of a plant or the management of a minor project?

We adapt our engagement to your needs whether it concerns a green field plant or the modernising of an elderly plant. The latter is one of our specialities.

Our enthusiasm tends to be contagious during the course of the project.

Calambio has experience and competence

We have professional experience from all the different actors in a project: manufacturers, process industry, the power industry and official inspection companies/authorities.

Calambio offers a very broad competence profile concentrated in a small company. This makes us flexible and ready for instant action.

We have a wide network of associated consultants who bring all wanted competence in the field of mechanical design, layout, civil engineering and programming.

Calambio manages, co-ordinates and runs projects to a finish. Your bonus is a technology that meets your demands. We fit into your working-time schedule and follow a controlled budget.


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Alingsås office

Calambio Engineering AB
Södra Strömgatan 9
441 30 Alingsås

Pär Stenberg

Cellphone: +4670-561 72 48


Ingvar Christensson

Cellphone: +4673-845 17 51


Hampus Jakobsen

Cellphone: +4673-33 43 935


Kacharelis Monasterio

Cellphone: +4672-586 77 24


Sofie Rosmark

Cellphone: 076-196 01 30


Carina Stenberg

Cellphone: +4670-230 50 04


Gustav Stenberg

Cellphone: +4670-355 34 97


Arvika office

Calambio Engineering AB
Strandvägen 2
671 51 Arvika

Robert Ljungkvist

Cellphone: +4673-805 05 01


Hovås office

Calambio Engineering AB
Björklundabacken 10
436 57 Hovås

Sebastian Dolk

Cellphone: +4673-060 80 16


Linköping office

Calambio Engineering AB
Gjuterigatan 5
582 73 Linköping

Emil Lingehed

Cellphone: +4676-12 61 221


Västerås office

Calambio Engineering AB
Tallmätargatan 1C
721 34 Västerås

Daryoush Kikhavani

Cellphone: +4676-78 89 940